Stuffed Rick Sebak

pittsburgh, commonwealth press

FACE IT - almost everything we've learned about Pittsburgh came from Rick Sebak and those sweet WQED mini documentary shows. 
so when we found out they were kickstarting...i mean RICKstarting ...6 more shows, we HAD to help out. sure, we backed the campaign and yes shirts are our thing, but we KNEW we could do more...something bigger,  something better,  something hilarious-er, and  something waaaaaaay more collectible. 
so we stuffed him!!!
and not with local fare but with hypoallergenic stuffing...
SERIOUSLY - WE MADE LITTLE STUFFED RICK SEBAKS. oh man, i can't even type that without cracking up. 
100% of the proceeds will be donated to their campaign.
they will even come with a little NEBBY pin - the official one.
the picture here is the prototype - the official ones will be even better. this is a pre-production order. these will be on sale for 7 days - YOU HEAR ME, YOU HAVE SEVEN DAYS - from there we will start making them and shipping immediately. 
we DO NOT have them in store
the only way to get one is here.
Stuffed Rick Sebaks (HAHAHAAH - see, told you) are roughly 16 inches tall by 7 inches wide. Made from #10 white duck canvas, screen printed with black ink, and stuffed with  hypoallergenic stuffing.
Stuffed Rick Sebaks (hahaahahahaha) were proudly conceived, designed, cut, printed, sewn, and stuffed in pittsburgh by commonwealth press (and mom). 

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