Pittsburgh River Water

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You know how when your friends or family move away and you want to send them a piece of home - BOY HAVE WE GOT YOU COVERED. 

this right here is 100% Pittsburgh River water for your loved one - pulled right from the Mon, Allegeheny, Ohio, or ALL 3 and lovingly packaged in a glass jar - shipped directly to whoever you want. im sure they will love you for it.  

so take your pick and send them this stocking stuffer before we drain all 3 rivers filling orders. 

WARNING: THIS IS WATER PULLED DIRECTLY FROM THE THREE RIVERS OF PITTSBURGH, PA. OBVIOUSLY YOU SHOULDN’T DRINK IT. DO NOT DRINK IT. YOU PROBABLY SHOULDN’T EVEN TOUCH IT. INFACT, DON’T OPEN THIS JAR. look at it! theres probably crap in there! oh great, now you are going to just because someone told you not to. I get it, im the same way but this is a novelty only so don’t.

this is a novelty and you shouldnt buy it. we will send it if you do but why would you?

NOTE: each river will have different crap floating in it, thats part of the charm. dont get all pissy if you get a rock in there or something like that. 


actually - just DONT BUY THIS. 


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