pittsburgh parking chair


- we have them at both the bloomfield and the mt lebo store -

WE DO NOT SHIP THESE. (i guess we could but it would be really really expensive)

...ok - now on with the show.

from the wooden fold out to the lay - z- boy, we have seen damn near every version of the parking chair you could imagine.

we honestly felt it was about time someone perfected the chair into the advanced streamlined space blocker that it was destined for. we looked and looked and couldnt find one. so we took it upon our selves to create it from scratch.

 we hired 2 NASA scientists for maximum science - took their research, refined it, polished it, painted it black, and even sat on it.

the result is what you see here. the most solid onslaught of DO NOT PARK HERE that has been created to date.

 we are making these in house with special tools you cant even get in the states - so stock is limited.

if you want one, pop in and snag one - if you are traveling a great distance, id call first and reserve one 412-431-4207

 we have it in shirt form too, right here.


we were HONESTLY just contacted by the PITTSBURGH PARKING AUTHORITY - notifying us that our parking chairs are not legal parking place holders.

so this is our common sense disclaimer:

if you use anything besides a vehicle to hold a parking spot in the city of pittsburgh you can be fined $300.

that anything can be a novelty chair, a non novelty chair, a pallet, a cone, a stack of pizza boxes, a wooden horse, a real horse, a car tire, a child, a small box of items, a large box of items, a sled (plastic, saucer, runner, or otherwise), garbage cans, your collection of chinese stars, 3 dogs tied together, a fish tank, and a welding kit - im sure there are other things but thats all i can think of.

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