• Pierogie Pillow

    pittsburgh, commonwealth press

  • DISCLAIMER: These pillows are all handmade.  We are working on getting them completed and mailed out as soon as we can.  We cannot promise them to be delivered by Christmas.

    just when you think your love of pierogies can go no further, BOOM!!! you get one you can fall asleep on...AND wake up next to. you can take this pierogie pillow to the game, or to the movies. you can share your hopes and dreams with it, whisper sweet nothings to it, or just brag about it to your friends. heck, if you are into eating pillows, you could eat this one too*.

    AND AS FAR AS THE SPELLING GOES - the E was intentional. its how we always spelled it growing up. i have gotten a ton of requests for a traditional polish spelling ..so it may happen but no day soon. no offense meant but welcome to Pittsburgh. 

    this pillow measures 24 x 12 inches

    handmade in pittsburgh from 100% poly anti pill fleece & hypoallergenic stuffing

    *don't eat the pillow


  • $20.00

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