• God Hates Jags

    pittsburgh, commonwealth press

  • this shirt was produced for our pal (and local pgh comedian) davon magwood as a response to some back and forth he had with some westboro blahblah church on twitter. not only is this one of the best responses i have ever seen to a heckler, it is also going to support a good cause.

    we have talked with the GLCC  (a local org doing local good) and donated a huge chunk of our proceeds to help them with some fundraising efforts they have coming up. for more info on them,click this.

    so what you got here is a win win situation, but the real winner is YOU...because this shirt is an A+ and if you are wearing it then you not only have good fashion sense and a great sense of humor, but are also a compassionate and most likely attractive person who supports their local community, enjoys sandwiches, summer days, swimming, and animals.

    • this shirt is printed on 100% cotton AMERICAN APPAREL shirts (THIS is their sizing chart, check it if you dont know)
    • this shirt is available in both MENS and WOMENS cuts. if you arent sure what size to get, theres a link above that you should check.
    • this shirt is discharge printed. that means its really freakin soft.

    thank you for your support of all this local awesomeness. we love you for it.


    AND - if you dont know what a JAG is,WE MADE THIS SHIRT SPECIAL FOR YOU

  • $20.00

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